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We are a team of experienced engineers, designers and builders dedicated to the restoration, construction and modification of motorcycles through a process in which our clients are involved from creation to development. In XcramblerCycles we offer the opportunity to create and develop a unique, valuable and enduring project, so you relive your inner rebel and reconnect with your passion, turning away from the routine and the ordinary.


We restore, redesign and transform your bike into your dream

This is a total change of look of your bike using the majority of parts from the existing Premium parts market; we will add at least one handmade part from our own firm which will give your bike a unique touch. These jobs cost $3,000 to $5,000 with an estimated completion time of 1 to 2 months.
This level is for the pros! You will leave us your bike for at least 4 months to be changed profoundly: paint job, handmade exhaust pipes, seat, lights and tires. Your dream is the limit! These jobs are estimated to cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000.
This is for those that are brave enough to have your bike dismantled, cut, welded and redesigned inside and out, turning your bike into a unique piece, impossible to replicate. The starting price is $15,000.00.

Our Work

These are some of or creations.

Xcramblercycles Bike 1:
Triumph “Desert Racer”

The motivation behind this project was to do what a dirt-bike rider enthusiast would had during the 60’s, to transform a bike into a true unique sensation generating machine! Mix that with dirt, mud, dust, rocks and natural unforgettable landscapes and there you have our Triumph “Desert Racer”! More...

XcramblerCycles Bike 2:
Scrambler Café

This is one of those projects that advance by linking one idea after another without a specific connection between them but the final result makes you fall in love with it. It is as if the bike was asking what she wanted and what she had dreamed of being all her life since rolling out the factory 40 years ago. More...

XcramblerCycles Bike 3:
The Shelby

The theme of this bike is a combination of a Café Racer and a Shelby Cobra from the 60s with a street tracker look maintaining the scrambler exhaust system and many handmade parts. The colors for the bike used are Ford Royale Blue with White stripes, which is seen in many Shelby Cobra (in the past years?). More...

XcramblerCycles Bike 4:
Bobber Shades

Our first Prêt-à-Porter motorcycle, completely tailored to our customer’s dimensions and needs. Commissioned by a passionate motorcyclist who desired his dream motorcycle to become a reality. This ride contains traces of different styles and elements, from Scrambler hints to Bobber Shades... More...

XcramblerCycles Bike 5:
GS1200 Retrolook

With this motorcycle we dared to do something different and break standards, and the end result is a motorcycle with a great look of the 70’s era but with a motor that carries all the new technologies. Complete with fuel injection and modern suspension, this motorcycle is absolutely designed... More...

About Us

A little about those who make this possible.



Founder (2012), Mechanical engineer “aparatus locus” with vast experience in designing and constructing machines as part of his daily routine and more than 25 years of experience in the restoration of classic motorcycles and cars. Cutting and welding are his natural state.

Public Relantionship


Entrepreneur, childhood friend, bike life lover. Gabriel provides depth and grounds the Xcrambler project. Enjoys building the dream one custom motorcycle at a time.

Creative Director


Italian… what more can you ask of a Creative Director and graphic designer. Over 20 years of experience in marketing and brand creation. The addition of Gianfranco to our team was the equivalent of adding a cheery on top of a sundae.

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