XcramblerCycles Bike 5:

GS1200 Retrolook

Brand: BMW
Model: R1200GS
Year: 2007
Engine: 1170cc

With this motorcycle we dared to do something different and break standards, and the end result is a motorcycle with a great look of the 70’s era but with a motor that carries all the new technologies. Complete with fuel injection and modern suspension, this motorcycle is absolutely designed for the ergonomics of its owner. Building a motorcycle for a 6’6” rider was no easy task, but it is measured to suit him like a glove. From the riding position to the ergos of the frame the motorcycle is bound to receive tons of smiles and adrenaline rushes.

• Disassembled the majority of the bike except the engine, final drive and parts of the subframe.
• Telelever eliminated, BMW1150 Enduro front frame adapted to fit KTM 1190 forks
• Sub frame modified to scrambler geometry and seat
• Long comfortable gel insulated, leather seat
• Installed Woody’s Wheel Works super laced wheels with stainless spokes
• Installed Ohlins rear shock
• Installed Scrambler style stainless steel exhausts
• Installed Handmade fenders and wind deflector
• Installed GPS based speedometer
• Installed Handmade light brackets
• Installed Handmade laser etched stainless steel front engine cover
• Lifted centerstand
• Installed Suspension lift plus 3 inches seat height
• Installed GPS tracked Speedometer
• Installed LED spot head light and stop light
• Installed All improved electricals using original computers
• ABS eliminated
• Radiator and battery relocated to center
• 1979 BMW tank with adapted fuel injection pump
• Performed complete paint job using only the finest materials with a flat finish

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