XcramblerCycles Bike 4:

Bobber Shades

Brand: BMW
Model: R100/7 RT
Year: 1979
Engine: 1000cc

Our first Prêt-à-Porter motorcycle, completely tailored to our customer’s dimensions and needs. Commissioned by a passionate motorcyclist who desired his dream motorcycle to become a reality. This ride contains traces of different styles and elements, from Scrambler hints to Bobber Shades, dirtbike capabilities yet wide and stable. Built with noble materials like stainless steel, aluminum and titanium.

• 100% disassembled
• Sand blasted and powder coated
• Removed all plastics and fibers
• Installed handmade Scrambler Style exhausts
• Installed improved handlebars
• Chopped subframe
• Installed Solo solid leather seat, spring mounted
• Installed dual front disks
• Installed new piston rings and valve work
• Installed new gasket set, new throttle cables and clutch cables
• Installed handmade mud guards
• Adapted and Installed 1936 Ford coupe headlight
• Electrical System updated
• Engine revised and tuned
• Installed new carb kit
• Performed complete paint job

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